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Grow with Google Calender year 2022We’ve already started the 2022 year with the March Grow with GOOGLE event “Drive Traffic to Your Website with SEO,” covering SEO and the new change to Google My Business, renaming to Google Business Profile Manager.

The May 5th live presentation from the team at Google will be “Boost Your Business Growth through Brand Building.”

July 27th “Navigating a Career Change.”

October 12th “E-commerce & Google Ads.”

The end of the year event being E-commerce (selling products online), a subject every business owner wanting a leg up in today’s world wants to capitalize on, always draws a lot of attention.

Things are changing very quickly, so we’ll have to wait and see if any rules start to change about how items are purchased online.

More of the Grow with Google training series –  Grow with Google ON AIR. There, you’ll find recordings of past sessions, and you can also find more details for the upcoming events.

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